I have always loved dogs.  On my 8th birthday I received a female puppy. Her name was Gypsy, and although I had always wanted a German Shepherd, Gypsy was a mutt.  I was a grown man when I first laid eyes on an Akita. He was huge and standing behind a fence.  He was the most eye catching dog I had ever seen. To make a long story short, I have owned an Akita at one time or another since 1986.  It took a lot of trial and error before I knew what I wanted in an Akita.  I bought all of the books I could find on the breed.  At the time I could only find, The Complete Akita (Linderman, Joan M. and Funk, Virginia), The Book of the Akita (Brearley, Joan McDonald) and Akitas (Van Der Lyn, Edita).  Akitas by Van Der Lyn is available at pet stores.  I also began reading Dog World in which I found a breeder, Lou and Julie Hoehn, the owners of Goshen Akitas.  Julie taught me a lot about the breed.  I am one of a few people in California fortunate enough to have met Ch. Goshen Chariots O'Fire (Hoss) in person, when I use to live in Illinois. He was truly large, powerful and alert with much substance. If you could have met Hoss you would know why we here at North Bay Akitas breed on Goshen lines. As of today I still breed on Goshen lines through Kuroi Kao Akitas (Bob & Priscilla McCune) and Chereed Akitas (Cher & Reed Keffer).  However, with so many years passing, we find it harder and harder to continue chasing those good ole Goshen lines I fell in love with so many years ago, which brings us where we are today. Our lines goes back to Goshen, just not as close up.

We show our dogs at  AKC shows -- see you at the shows!  We are a small kennel in the 
San Francisco Bay Area. We are not a business, we are a hobby kennel. We currently 
have 6 Akitas and we choose not to have more than 6 in our kennel at one time so we 
can give them a lot of love and attention.

Please note that a $5 per day charged will be incurred for 
any puppy with a deposit left with North Bay Akitas 
after 8 Weeks.

We are always willing to talk Akitas, so please feel free 
to call or e-mail us at:

Northbayakitas@sbcglobal.net or (925) 825-8366.

North Bay Akitas